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Reenactor Information  

We'll have two small "demo" camps for living history purposes, in which you'll be able to set up a tent or two containing typical soldiers' equipment. There will be a fire pit for us to prepare your lunch and space for drilling and formation.
  • The Crown Forces camp will be set up in the walled yard behind the Burlington County Prison Museum on High Street (see the Maps page).
  • Sutlers will be located in front of the Prison Museum.
  • The Continental camp will be in Mill Race Village (south of the Prison, between Washington and Monroe Streets) in the yard behind the Spirit of Christmas shop.

The 3:00 tactical will be preceeded by a cannonade, with cannons located at the Prison Museum and in Mill Race Village (as attendance allows). Harry Stephens will lead the Continental Forces and Paul Loane will command the Crown Forces. Although the actual battle had little in the way of infantry engagement, we'll augment the cannonade with a street battle: the Hessians and other Crown Forces will march down High Street, engage the rebels in the center of town and push them to Monroe Street Park.

Plan to arrive early on Saturday to set up so we can open the camps to visitors by 10:00 am. We'll provide lunch before the tactical. You'll also have time to attend various presentations and performances. See the Schedule page for more information.

Officer's Call is 11:30 at "Cobbler Square" at High and Garden Streets.

Only members of the British Brigade, Continental Line or Brigade of the American Revolution with proof of unit or individual liability insurance are invited to participate. Please mail or e-mail the information on this registration form, then send a copy of your unit's proof of insurance to Main Street Mount Holly:
    FAX: 609-261-5252
    mail: Prison Museum Association, PO Box 483, Mount Holly, NJ 08060
    or send e-mail to BattleIWH "at" gmail.com with an image file or a link to it

Sutlers may use the same registration form. Please e-mail BattleIWH "at" gmail.com with questions.


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